Thanks to the generosity of our donators, the association is able to fund at least one student each year to come and study at the Toulouse School of Economics. In 2016, 3 grants were awarded.

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Scholarships awarded:

2006-2007:    Jibirila Leinyuy (Cameroon).

TSE PhD degree with Paul Seabright and Guido Friebel. He is working now at OFT (Office of Fair trading, UK).

2007-2008:    Adeel Faheem (Pakistan).

Master 2 degree at TSE and he is working now at Lahore University of Management Sciences (Pakistan).

2008-2009:    Lei Lui (China).

TSE PhD in progress with Helmuth Cremer.

2008-2009:    Jieying Hong (China).

Master 2 (major) Econometry in 2009. TSE PhD in progress with Bruno Biais.

2010-2011:    Cheng Lin (China).

Student in Master 2 at TSE.

2011-2012:    Oumarou Boubacar Kadogo (Cameroon).

Student in Master 2 (Public Policy and Development) at TSE.

2012-2013: Mehreen Gul, Harsh Malhotra.

2013-2014-2015: Rose Valérie Gamgne Wabo (Cameroon).

2015-2016: Rossi Abi Rafeh

2016-2017: Shreeti Vatsala (India), Ferreira Da Silva Filho Alipio (Uruguay) and Ola Eltoukhi (Egypt)